Herbal Scrub (Ubtan)

This time company is providing herbal beauty products. Which are suitable to all age groups from 1 year to the elders . They are safe, full of natural ingredients ,chemical free , totally reliable, effective and are easy on pocket.

Our products are sold under money back guarantee

The company is making following products under the brand name AEHERBO

Product Information

Frist of its kind, made from herbal scrubbing agents,removes darkness, patches, spots and makes skin glow.it helps in removing superfluous hair from the face and body . you can use it on the body of small children too.

Herbal scrub is made from

  • Food grains
  • Honey
  • Oil
  • Amragandha
  • Sitabhra
  • Sfatika
  • Kanakchaar
  • Rose leafs